476.43  Rates for alternate energy production facilities.

1.  Subject to section 476.44, the board shall require electric utilities to enter into long-term contracts to do the following:

a.  Purchase or wheel electricity from alternate energy production facilities or small hydro facilities located in the utility's service area under the terms and conditions that the board finds are just and economically reasonable to the electric utilities' ratepayers, are nondiscriminatory to alternate energy producers and small hydro producers and will further the policy stated in section 476.41.

b.  Provide for the availability of supplemental or backup power to alternate energy production facilities or small hydro facilities on a nondiscriminatory basis and at just and reasonable rates.

2.  Upon application by the owner or operator of an alternate energy production facility or small hydro facility or any interested party, the board shall establish for the affected public utility just and economically reasonable rates for electricity purchased under subsection 1, paragraph "a". The rates shall be established at levels sufficient to stimulate the development of alternate energy production and small hydro facilities in Iowa and to encourage the continuation of existing capacity from those facilities.

3.  The board may adopt individual utility or uniform statewide facility rates. The board shall consider the following factors in setting individual or uniform rates:

a.  The estimated capital cost of the next generating plant, including related transmission facilities, to be placed in service by the electric utility serving the area.

b.  The term of the contract between the electric utility and the seller.

c.  A levelized annual carrying charge based upon the term of the contract and determined in a manner consistent with both the methods and the current interest or return requirements associated with the electric utility's new construction program.

d.  The electric utility's annual energy costs, including current fuel costs, related operation and maintenance costs, and other energy-related costs considered appropriate by the board.

e.  External factors, including but not limited to, environmental and economic factors.

f.  Other relevant factors.

g.  If the board adopts uniform statewide rates, the board shall use representative data in lieu of utility specific information in applying the factors listed in paragraphs "a" through "f".

4.  In the case of a utility that purchases all or substantially all of its electricity requirements, the rates established under this section must be based on the electric utility's current purchased power costs.

5.  In lieu of the other procedures provided by this section, an electric utility and an owner or operator of an alternate energy production facility or small hydro facility may enter into a long-term contract in accordance with subsection 1 and may agree to rates for purchase and sale transactions. A contract entered into under this subsection must be filed with the board in the manner provided for tariffs under section 476.4.

6.  This section does not require an electric utility to construct additional facilities unless those facilities are paid for by the owner or operator of the affected alternate energy production facility or small hydro facility.

Section History: Recent form

  83 Acts, ch 182, § 4, 7; 90 Acts, ch 1252, §34-37

Internal References

  Referred to in § 28F.14, 476.1A, 476.1B, 476.44

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