473.7  Duties of the department.

The department shall:

1.  Deliver to the general assembly by January 15, 1990, a plan for the development, management, and efficient utilization of all energy resources in the state. The plan shall evaluate existing energy utilization with regard to energy efficiency and shall evaluate the future energy needs of the state. The plan shall include but is not limited to the following elements:

a.  The historical use and distribution of energy in Iowa.

b.  The growth rate of energy consumption in Iowa.

c.  A projection of Iowa's energy needs at a minimum of ten years into the future.

d.  The impact of meeting Iowa's energy needs on the economy of the state.

e.  The impact of meeting Iowa's energy needs on the environment of the state.

f.  An evaluation of alternative sources and uses of energy.

g.  Legislative recommendations that may be necessary as a basis for a state policy for the development and efficient utilization of energy resources.

h.  An evaluation of the ability of existing laws and regulations surrounding the utilization of energy resources.

The department shall develop the plan with the assistance of, and in consultation with, representatives of the energy industry, economic interests, the public, and other interested parties. The department shall submit a report to the general assembly concerning the status and implementation of the plan on a biennial basis. The biennial update shall contain an evaluation of all state energy programs including expected versus actual benefits and forecasts of future energy demand in Iowa.

2.  Identify a state facility in the state to be used as a marketing tool to promote energy conservation by providing a showcase for the department to demonstrate energy efficiency.

3.  The department shall exchange information with other states on energy and especially on the allocation of fuel and shall request all information necessary to determine the reasonableness of any reduction of Iowa's fuel allocation.

4.  Establish a central depository within the state for energy data. The central depository shall be located at or accessible through a library which is a member of an interlibrary loan program to facilitate access to the data and information contained in the central depository. The department shall collect data necessary to forecast future energy demands in the state. The department may require a supplier to provide information pertaining to the supply, storage, distribution and sale of energy sources in this state. The information shall be furnished on a periodic basis, shall be of a nature which directly relates to the supply, storage, distribution and sale of energy sources, and shall not include any records, documents, books or other data which relate to the financial position of the supplier. Provided the department, prior to requiring any supplier to furnish it with such information, shall make every reasonable effort to determine if the same is available from any other governmental source. If it finds such information is available, the department shall not require submission of the same from a supplier. Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 22, information and reports obtained under this section shall be confidential except when used for statistical purposes without identifying a specific supplier and when release of the information will not give an advantage to competitors and serves a public purpose. The department shall use this data to conduct energy forecasts which shall be included in the biennial update required by this section.

The department may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and require the production of records, books, and documents for examination in order to obtain information required to be submitted under this section. In case of failure or refusal on the part of any person to comply with a subpoena issued by the department, or in case of the refusal of any witness to testify as to any matter regarding which the witness may be interrogated under this chapter, the district court, upon the application of the department, may order the person to show cause why the person should not be held in contempt for failure to testify or comply with a subpoena, and may order the person to produce the records, books, and documents for examination, and to give testimony. The courts may punish for contempt as in the case of disobedience to a like subpoena issued by the court, or for refusal to testify.

5.  Develop, recommend, and implement with appropriate agencies public and professional education and communication programs in energy efficiency, energy conservation, and conversion to alternative sources of energy.

6.  When necessary to carry out its duties under this chapter, enter into contracts with state agencies and other qualified contractors.

7.  Receive and accept grants made available for programs relating to duties of the department under this chapter.

8.  Promulgate rules necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter, subject to review in accordance with chapter 17A. Rules promulgated by the governor pursuant to a proclamation issued under the provisions of section 473.8 shall not be subject to review or a public hearing as required in chapter 17A; however, agency rules for implementation of the governor's proclamation are subject to the requirements of chapter 17A.

9.  Examine and determine whether additional state regulatory authority is necessary to protect the public interest and to promote the effective development, utilization and conservation of energy resources. If the department finds that additional regulatory authority is necessary, the department shall submit recommendations to the general assembly concerning the nature and extent of such regulatory authority and which state agency should be assigned such regulatory responsibilities.

10.  Develop and assist in the implementation of public education and communications programs in energy development, use and conservation, in co-operation with the department of education, the state university extension services and other public or private agencies and organizations as deemed appropriate by the department.

11.  Develop a program to annually give public recognition to innovative methods of energy conservation.

12.  Administer and coordinate federal funds for energy conservation programs including, but not limited to, the institutional conservation program, state energy conservation program, and energy extension service program, and related programs which provide energy management and conservation assistance to schools, hospitals, health-care facilities, communities, and the general public.

13.  Administer and coordinate the state building energy management program including projects funded through private financing.

14.  Perform monthly fuel surveys which establish a statistical average of motor fuel prices for various motor fuels provided throughout the state. Additionally, the department shall perform monthly fuel surveys in cities with populations of over fifty thousand which establish a statistical average of motor fuel prices for various motor fuels provided in those individual cities. The survey results shall be publicized in a monthly press release issued by the department.

15.  Conduct a study on activities related to energy production and use which contribute to global climate change and the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer. The study shall identify the types and relative contributions of these activities in Iowa. The department shall develop a strategy to reduce emissions from activities identified as having an adverse impact on the global climate and the stratospheric ozone layer. The department shall submit a report containing its findings and recommendations to the governor and general assembly by January 1, 1992.

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