473.2  Findings.

The general assembly finds that the health, welfare, and prosperity of all Iowans require the provision of adequate, efficient, reliable, environmentally safe, and least-cost energy at prices which accurately reflect the long-term cost of using such energy resources and which are equitable to all Iowans. The goals and objectives of this policy are to ensure the following:

1.  Efficiency.  The provision of reliable energy at the least possible cost to Iowans in such manner that:

a.  Physical, human, and financial resources are allocated efficiently.

b.  All supply and demand options are considered and evaluated using comparable terms and methods in order to determine how best to meet consumers' demands for energy at the least cost.

2.  Environmental quality.  The protection of the environment from the adverse external costs of an energy resource utilization so that:

a.  Environmental costs of proposed actions having a significant impact on the environment and the environmental impact of the alternatives are identified, documented, and considered in the resource development.

b.  The prudently and reasonably incurred costs of environmental controls are recovered.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1179, § 1

  C89, § 93.2

  C93, § 473.2


  See also chapter 470 for life cycle cost analysis provisions

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