470.3  Elements of analysis.

1.  A life cycle cost analysis shall include but is not limited to the following elements:

a.  Specification of energy management objectives and health, safety and functional constraints. The facility design shall comply with applicable state or local building code requirements.

b.  Identification of the energy needs of the facility and energy system alternatives to meet those needs.

c.  Cost of the energy system alternatives identified in paragraph "b" of this subsection.

d.  Determination of amounts and timing of cash flow.

e.  Calculation of life cycle cost using an economic model such as, but not limited to, rate of return, annual equivalent cost or present equivalent cost.

f.  Evaluation of design and system alternatives using a method such as, but not limited to, design matrixes, ranking tables or network analysis.

2.  A public agency or a person preparing a life cycle cost analysis for a public agency shall consider the methods and analytical models provided by the department and available through the commissioner, which are suited to the purpose for which the project is intended. Within sixty days of final selection of a design architect or engineer, a public agency, which is also a state agency under section 7D.34, shall notify the commissioner and the department of the methodology to be used to perform the life cycle cost analysis, on forms provided by the department.

Section History: Early form

  [C81, § 470.3]

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1179, §6; 91 Acts, ch 253, §19

Internal References

  Referred to in § 470.2

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