456A.19  Expenditures.

All funds accruing to the fish and game protection fund, except an equitable portion of the administration fund, shall be expended solely in carrying on the activities embraced in the fish and wildlife division. Expenditures incurred by the division in carrying on the activities shall be only on authorization by the general assembly.

The department shall by October 1 of each year submit to the department of management for transmission to the general assembly a detailed estimate of the amount required by the department during the succeeding year for carrying on the activities embraced in the fish and wildlife division. The estimate shall be in the same general form and detail as required by law in estimates submitted by other state departments.

Any unexpended balance at the end of the biennium shall revert to the fish and game protection fund.

All administrative expense shall be paid from the administration fund.

All other expenditures shall be paid from the conservation fund.

All expenditures under this chapter are subject to approval by the director of management and the director of revenue and finance.

All moneys credited to the county conservation board fund shall be used to provide grants to county conservation boards to provide funding for the purposes of chapter 350. These grants are in addition to moneys appropriated to the conservation boards from the county boards of supervisors. The grants shall be made to the conservation boards based upon the needs of the boards. Applications shall be made by the boards to the commission.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 456A.24, 456A.27, 456A.28

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