455G.4  Governing board.

1.  Members of the board.  The Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund board is established consisting of the following members:

a.  The director of the department of natural resources, or the director's designee.

b.  The treasurer of state, or the treasurer's designee.

c.  The commissioner of insurance, or the commissioner's designee.

d.  Two public members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate to staggered four-year terms, except that of the first members appointed, one public member shall be appointed for a term of two years and one for a term of four years. A public member shall have experience, knowledge, and expertise of the subject matter embraced within this chapter. Two public members shall be appointed with experience in either, or both, financial markets or insurance.

e.  The director of the legislative fiscal bureau, or the director's designee. The director under this paragraph shall not participate as a voting member of the board.

A public member shall not have a conflict of interest. For purposes of this section a "conflict of interest" means an affiliation, within the twelve months before the member's appointment, with the regulated tank community, or with a person or property and casualty insurer offering competitive insurance or other means of financial assurance or which previously offered environmental hazard insurance for a member of the regulated tank community.

The filling of positions reserved for public representatives, vacancies, membership terms, payment of compensation and expenses, and removal of members are governed by chapter 69. Members of the board are entitled to receive reimbursement of actual expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties within the limits of funds appropriated to the board or made available to the fund. Each member of the board may also be eligible to receive compensation as provided in section 7E.6. The members shall elect a voting chairperson of the board from among the members of the board.

2.  Department cooperation with board.  The director of the department of natural resources shall cooperate with the board in the implementation of this part so as to minimize unnecessary duplication of effort, reporting, or paperwork and maximize environmental protection.

3.  Rules and emergency rules.

a.  The board shall adopt rules regarding its practice and procedures, develop underwriting standards, establish premiums for insurance fund coverage and risk factors, procedures for investigating and settling claims made against the fund, determine appropriate deductibles or retentions in coverages or benefits offered, and otherwise implement and administer this chapter.

b.  The board may adopt administrative rules under section 17A.4, subsection 2, and section 17A.5, subsection 2, paragraph "b", to implement this subsection for one year after May 5, 1989.

c.  Rules necessary for the implementation and collection of the environmental protection charge shall be adopted on or before June 1, 1989.

d.  Rules necessary for the implementation and collection of insurance fund premiums shall be adopted prior to offering insurance to an owner or operator of a petroleum underground storage tank or other person.

e.  Rules related to the establishment of the insurance fund and the terms and conditions of coverage shall be adopted as soon as practicable to permit owners and operators to meet their applicable compliance date with federal financial responsibility regulations.

f.  Rules to facilitate and encourage the use of community remediation whenever possible shall be adopted.

g.  The board shall adopt rules relating to appeal procedures which shall require the administrator to deliver notice of appeal to the affected parties within fifteen days of receipt of notice, require that the hearing be held within one hundred eighty days of the filing of the petition unless good cause is shown for the delay, and require that a final decision be issued no later than one hundred twenty days following the close of the hearing. The time restrictions in this paragraph may be waived by mutual agreement of the parties.

4.  Public bid.  All contracts entered into by the board, including contracts relating to community remediation, shall be awarded on a competitive basis to the maximum extent practical. In those situations where it is determined that public bidding is not practical, the basis for the determination of impracticability shall be documented by the board or its designee. This subsection applies only to contracts entered into on or after July 1, 1992.

5.  Contract approval.

a.  The board shall approve any contract entered into pursuant to this chapter if the cost of the contract exceeds seventy-five thousand dollars.

b.  A listing of all contracts entered into pursuant to this chapter shall be presented at each board meeting and shall be made available to the public. The listing shall state the interested parties to the contract, the amount of the contract, and the subject matter of the contract.

c.  The board shall be required to review and approve or disapprove the administrator's failure to approve a contract under section 455G.12A. Review by the board shall not be required for cancellation or replacement of a contract for a site included in a community remediation project or when an emergency situation exists.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 131, § 45; 91 Acts, ch 252, § 13; 92 Acts, ch 1217, § 3, 4; 93 Acts, ch 155, §1; 98 Acts, ch 1068, §5

Internal References

  Referred to in § 455G.5

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