455D.6  Duties of the director.

The director shall:

1.  Unless otherwise specified in this chapter, recommend rules to the commission which are necessary to implement this chapter. Initial recommendations shall be made to the commission no later than July 1, 1991.

2.  Seek, receive, and accept funds in the form of appropriations, grants, awards, wills, bequests, endowments, and gifts for deposit in the waste reduction and recycling trust fund to be used for programs relating to the duties of the department under this chapter.

3.  Administer and coordinate the waste volume reduction and recycling fund created under section 455D.15.

4.  Enter into contracts and agreements, with the approval of the commission, for contracts in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars, with local units of government, other state agencies, governments of other states, governmental agencies of the United States, other public and private contractors, and other persons as may be necessary or beneficial in carrying out the department's duties under this chapter.

5.  Submit a report to the general assembly on or before July 1, 1990, that characterizes the solid waste stream in Iowa and that contains a strategy for managing each major component of the waste stream. The strategy shall describe the actions necessary to assure that each segment of the waste stream is managed according to the highest appropriate priority of the waste management hierarchy.

6.  Develop a strategy and recommend to the commission the adoption of rules necessary to implement a strategy for white goods and waste oil by January 1, 1990.

7.  Provide financial assistance through expenditure of the waste volume reduction and recycling fund to public and private entities to promote and enable the development and implementation of markets and industries in Iowa that will support and complement the state's waste reduction and recycling programs.

8.  Study the technology available for the reclamation and recycling of refrigerant, including the findings of nationwide industry surveys, and make recommendations concerning whether or not all persons providing refrigerator or air conditioner repair services should own or have access to refrigerant reclamation or recycling machinery.

9.  Identify products made from recycled or recovered materials and provide a list of these products to the department of general services and to all other state agencies to assist in the development and review of procurement specifications. The director shall also develop, in cooperation with the director of the department of general services, a program to promote the procurement of listed products and seek information from state agencies using products containing recycled or recovered materials to evaluate their performance. The program shall also provide that the director seek information from suppliers regarding product performance and recovered material content of products offered for sale. Based on the above evaluation, and information regarding the recyclability of the components of products and their longevity, and, where applicable, the energy efficiency of such products, the department shall publish information on recommended products for procurement. This information shall be provided to all state agencies as well as city and county purchasing agencies.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 272, § 6

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