455A.10  State fish and game protection fund--capital projects and contingencies.

Funds remaining in the state fish and game protection fund during a fiscal year which are not specifically appropriated by the general assembly are appropriated and may be used for capital projects and contingencies under the jurisdiction of the fish and wildlife division arising during the fiscal year. A contingency shall not include any purpose or project which was presented to the general assembly by way of a bill or a proposed bill and which failed to be enacted into law. For the purpose of this section, a necessity of additional operating funds may be construed as a contingency. Before any of the funds authorized to be expended by this section are allocated for contingencies, it shall be determined by the executive council that a contingency exists and that the contingency was not existent while the general assembly was in session and that the proposed allocation shall be for the best interests of the state. If a contingency arises or could reasonably be foreseen during the time the general assembly is in session, expenditures for the contingency must be authorized by the general assembly.

Section History: Recent form

  91 Acts, ch 268, §610

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