422.122  Refund of livestock production credit claims.

1.  Each tax year the total amount of livestock production credit refund claims that shall be paid pursuant to section 422.120 shall not exceed the amount appropriated by the general assembly for that purpose. If the total dollar amount of the refund claims exceeds that amount, each claim shall be paid an amount equal to that amount divided by the total number of claims, not to exceed the amount of the taxpayer's claim. Remaining funds shall be prorated among those claims not paid in full in the proportion that each such claim bears to the total amount of such claims not paid in full.

2.  In the case where refund claims are not paid in full, the amount of the refund to which the taxpayer is entitled is the amount computed in subsection 1, and paid to the taxpayer, and the taxpayer is not entitled to any unpaid portion of a claim and is not entitled to carry forward or backward to another tax year any unpaid portion of a claim. A taxpayer shall not use a refund as an estimated payment for the succeeding tax year.

3.  A taxpayer must file a claim for refund within ten months from the last day of the taxpayer's tax year. An extension for filing shall not be allowed. The department shall determine by February 28 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which the claims were filed if the total amount of claims for refund exceeds the amount appropriated for that purpose by the general assembly for the tax year. If the claim is not payable on February 28 because the taxpayer is a fiscal year filer, the claim shall be considered as a claim filed for the following tax year.

4.  A claim for refund shall be made on claim forms to be made available by the department. In order for a taxpayer to have a valid refund claim, the taxpayer must supply legible copies of documents the director deems necessary to verify the amount of the refund.

Section History: Recent form

  96 Acts, ch 1197, §21, 23

Internal References

  Referred to in § 422.120


  Credit allowed only for cow-calf operations; §422.121

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