411.6A  Optional retirement benefits.

1.  In lieu of the payment of a service retirement allowance under section 411.6, subsection 2, and the payment of a pension to the spouse of a deceased pensioned member under section 411.6, subsection 11, a member may select an option provided under this section. The board of trustees shall adopt rules under section 411.5, subsection 3, providing the optional forms of payment that may be selected by the member. The optional forms of payment may provide adjustments to the amount of the retirement allowance paid to the member, may alter the pension amount and period of payment to the member's spouse after the death of the member, and may provide for payments to a designated recipient other than the member's spouse for a designated period of time or an unlimited period of time.

2.  Prior to the member's retirement and as a part of the application for a service retirement allowance, the member shall elect, in writing, either the benefits provided under section 411.6, subsections 2 and 11, or one of the optional forms adopted by the board of trustees. If the member is married at the time of application and the member elects an optional form, the member's spouse must consent in writing to the optional form selected and to the receipt of payments to a designated recipient, if applicable. Upon acceptance by a member of an initial retirement benefit paid in accordance with the election under this section, the election of the member is irrevocable.

3.  The optional forms of payment determined by the board of trustees under this section, shall be the actuarial equivalent of the amount of retirement benefits payable to the member and the member's spouse pursuant to section 411.6, subsections 2 and 11. The actuarial equivalent shall be based upon the actuarial assumptions adopted for this purpose pursuant to section 411.5. Election of an optional form adopted by the board of trustees shall not affect the benefits, if any, payable to the member's child or children pursuant to section 411.6, subsection 11.

4.  Optional benefits shall be adjusted annually in a manner consistent with that provided in section 411.6, subsection 12. However, if the member has selected a designated recipient other than the member's spouse, the designated recipient shall be deemed to be the member's surviving spouse for the purpose of calculating the annual adjustment in the manner provided in section 411.6, subsection 12.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1240, § 67; 92 Acts, ch 1201, § 69; 93 Acts, ch 44, § 18

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