404A.3  Approval of rehabilitation project.

1. a.  In order for costs of a rehabilitation project to qualify for a tax credit, the rehabilitation project must receive approval from the state historic preservation office of the department of cultural affairs.

b.  Applications for approvals from the state historic preservation office of the department of cultural affairs shall be on forms approved by the state historic preservation office and shall contain information as required by the state historic preservation office. The information shall at least include the approximate date of the start of rehabilitation, the approximate date of completion, as well as the cost.

c.  The approval process shall not exceed ninety days beginning from the date the rehabilitation project is submitted. After the ninety-day limit, the rehabilitation project is deemed to be approved.

2.  The state historic preservation office shall establish selection criteria and standards for rehabilitation projects involving eligible property. The main emphasis of the standards shall be to ensure that a rehabilitation project maintains the integrity of the eligible property. To the extent applicable, the standards shall be consistent with the standards of the United States secretary of the interior for rehabilitation of eligible property that is listed on the national register of historic places or is designated as of historic significance to a district listed in the national register of historic places or shall be consistent with standards for issuance of certificates of appropriation* under sections 303.27 through 303.32.

The selection standards shall provide that a person who qualifies for the rehabilitation tax credit under section 47 of the Internal Revenue Code shall automatically qualify for the state property rehabilitation tax credit under this chapter.

Section History: Recent form

  2000 Acts, ch 1194, §5, 20

Internal References

  Referred to in § 404A.2


  Section applies to qualified rehabilitation costs incurred on or after July 1, 2000; 2000 Acts, ch 1194, §20

  *"Certificates of appropriateness" probably intended; corrective legislation is pending

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