341A.12  Discipline--hearing.

No person in the classified civil service who has been permanently appointed or inducted into civil service under provisions of this chapter shall be removed, suspended, or demoted except for cause, and only upon written accusation of the county sheriff, which shall be served upon the accused, and a duplicate filed with the commission. Any person so removed, suspended, or reduced in rank or grade may, within ten days after presentation to the person of the order of removal, suspension or reduction, appeal to the commission from such order. The commission shall, within two weeks from the filing of such appeal, hold a hearing thereon, and fully hear and determine the matter, and either affirm, modify, or revoke such order. The appellant shall be entitled to appeal personally, produce evidence, and to have counsel. The finding and decision of the commission shall be certified to the sheriff, and shall be enforced and followed by the sheriff, but under no condition shall the employee who has appealed to the commission be permanently removed, suspended, or reduced in rank until such finding and decision of the commission is certified to the sheriff pursuant to the rules of civil procedure.

If the order of removal, suspension, or demotion is concurred in by a majority of the commission, the accused may appeal therefrom to the district court of the county where the accused resides. Such appeal shall be taken by serving upon the commission within thirty days after the entry of its order, a written notice of appeal, stating the grounds thereof, and demanding that a certified transcript of the record and of all papers on file in the office of the commission affecting or relating to its order, be filed by the commission with the court. The commission shall, within ten days after the filing of the notice make, certify, and file such transcript with the court. The court shall proceed to hear and determine the appeal in a summary manner. Such hearing shall be confined to the determination of whether the order of removal, suspension, or demotion made by the commission was made in good faith and for cause, and no appeal shall be taken except upon such grounds. The decision of the district court may be appealed to the supreme court.

Section History: Early form

  [C75, 77, 79, 81, § 341A.12]

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