322C.2  Definitions.

As used in this chapter unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  To sell "at retail" means to sell a travel trailer to a person who will devote it to a consumer use.

2.  "Department" means the state department of transportation.

3.  "Distributor" means a person who sells or distributes travel trailers to travel trailer dealers either directly or through a representative employed by a distributor.

4.  "Distributor's representative" means a representative employed by a person who is a distributor.

5.  "Fifth-wheel travel trailer" means a type of travel trailer which is towed by a motor vehicle by a connecting device known as a fifth wheel. When used in this chapter, "travel trailer" includes a fifth-wheel travel trailer.

6.  "Manufacturer" means a person engaged in the business of fabricating or assembling travel trailers of a type required to be registered.

7.  "Manufacturer's representative" means a representative employed by a manufacturer.

8.  "New travel trailer" means a travel trailer that has not been sold at retail.

9.  "Person" includes any individual, partnership, corporation, association, fiduciary or other legal entity engaged in business, other than a unit or agency of government or governmental subdivision.

10.  "Place of business" means a designated location where facilities are maintained for displaying, reconditioning and repairing either new or used travel trailers.

11.  "Sell" includes barter, exchange and other methods of dealing.

12.  "Travel trailer" means a vehicle without motive power used or so manufactured or constructed as to permit its being used as a conveyance upon the public streets and highways and designed to permit the vehicle to be used as a place of human habitation by one or more persons. The vehicle may be up to eight feet six inches in width and its overall length shall not exceed forty feet.

13.  "Used travel trailer" means a travel trailer which has been sold at retail and previously registered in this or any other state.

Section History: Early form

  [C81, § 322C.2]

Section History: Recent form

  2000 Acts, ch 1016, §24

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