300.2  Tax levy.

The board of directors of a school district may, and upon receipt of a petition signed by eligible electors equal in number to at least twenty-five percent of the number of voters at the last preceding school election, shall, direct the county commissioner of elections to submit to the registered voters of the school district the question of whether to levy a tax of not to exceed thirteen and one-half cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation for public educational and recreational activities authorized under this chapter. If at the time of filing the petition, it is more than three months until the next regular school election, the board of directors shall submit the question at a special election within sixty days. Otherwise, the question shall be submitted at the next regular school election.

If a majority of the votes cast upon the proposition is in favor of the proposition, the board shall certify the amount required for a fiscal year to the county board of supervisors by April 15 of the preceding fiscal year. The board of supervisors shall levy the amount certified. The amount shall be placed in the public education and recreation levy fund of the district and shall be used only for the purposes specified in this chapter.

The proposition to levy the public recreation and playground tax is not affected by a change in the boundaries of a school district, except as otherwise provided in this section. If each district involved in school reorganization under chapter 275 has adopted the public recreation and playground tax, and if the voters have not voted upon the proposition to levy the public recreation and playground tax in the reorganized district, the existing public recreation and playground tax shall be in effect for the reorganized district for the least amount that has been approved in any of the districts and until discontinued pursuant to section 300.3.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

  93 Acts, ch 1, § 13; 93 Acts, ch 160, § 17; 94 Acts, ch 1029, §29; 95 Acts, ch 67, §53

Internal References

  Referred to in § 276.12, 298A.6, 300.3, 300.4

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