28.6  Community empowerment area boards created.

1. a.  Community empowerment area functions shall be performed under the authority of a community empowerment area board. A majority of the members of a community board shall be elected officials and members of the public who are not employed by a provider of services to or for the community board. At least one member shall be a service consumer or the parent of a service consumer. Terms of office of community board members shall be not more than three years and the terms shall be staggered. The membership of a community empowerment area board shall include members with education, health, human services, business, faith, and public interests.

b.  If a disagreement arises within a community empowerment area regarding the interests represented on the community board, board decisions, or other disputes that cannot be locally resolved, upon request, state or regional technical assistance may be provided to assist the area in resolving the disagreement.

2.  A community board may designate representatives of service providers or public agency staff to provide technical assistance to the community board.

3.  A community board may designate a professional advisory council consisting of persons employed by or otherwise paid to represent an entity listed in subsection 1 or other provider of service.

4.  The community board shall elect a chairperson from among the members who are citizens, elected officials, or volunteers.

5.  A community empowerment area board is a unit of local government for purposes of chapter 670, relating to tort liability of governmental subdivisions. For purposes of implementing a formal organizational structure, a community empowerment board may utilize recommended guidelines and bylaws established for this purpose by the Iowa board. All meetings of a community empowerment area board or any committee or other body established by a community board at which public business is discussed or formal action taken shall comply with the requirements of chapter 21. A community board shall maintain its records in accordance with chapter 22.

Section History: Recent form

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  Initial community empowerment areas and boards; gubernatorial appointments of additional citizen members; 98 Acts, ch 1206, §14; 99 Acts, ch 190, §20

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