272.7  Validity of license.

A license issued under board authority is valid for the period of time for which it is issued, unless the license is suspended or revoked. A license issued by the board is valid until the last day of the practitioner's birth month in the year in which the license expires. No permanent licenses shall be issued. A person employed as a practitioner shall hold a valid license with an endorsement for the type of service for which the person is employed. This section does not limit the duties or powers of a school board to select or discharge practitioners or to terminate practitioners' contracts. A professional development program, except for a program offered by a practitioner preparation institution or area education agency and approved by the state board of education, must possess a valid license for the types of programs offered.

The executive director of the board may grant or deny license applications, applications for renewal of a license, and suspension or revocation of a license. A denial of an application for a license, the denial of an application for renewal, or a suspension or revocation of a license may be appealed by the practitioner to the board.

The board may issue emergency renewal or temporary, limited-purpose licenses upon petition by a current or former practitioner. An emergency renewal or a temporary, limited-purpose license may be issued for a period not to exceed two years, if a petitioner demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the board, good cause for failure to comply with board requirements for a regular license and provides evidence that the petitioner will comply with board requirements within the period of the emergency or temporary license. Under exceptional circumstances, an emergency license may be renewed by the board for one additional year. A previously unlicensed person is not eligible for an emergency or temporary license, except that a student who is enrolled in a licensed practitioner preparation program may be issued a temporary, limited-purpose license, without payment of a fee, as part of a practicum or internship program.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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