262.69  Traffic control and parking.

The state board of regents may make such rules as it deems necessary and proper to provide for the policing, control, and regulation of traffic and parking of vehicles and bicycles on the property of any institution under its control. The rules may provide for the use of institutional roads, driveways, and grounds, registration of vehicles and bicycles, the designation of parking areas, the erection and maintenance of signs designating prohibitions or restrictions, the installation and maintenance of parking control devices, and assessment, enforcement, and collection of reasonable sanctions for the violation of the rules.

Any rules made pursuant to this section may be enforced under procedures adopted by the board for each institution under its control. Sanctions may be imposed upon students, faculty and staff for violation of the rules, including, but not limited to, a reasonable monetary sanction which may be deducted from student deposits and faculty or staff salaries or other funds in the possession of the institution, or added to student tuition bills. The rules made pursuant to this section may also be enforced by the impoundment of vehicles and bicycles parked in violation of the rules, and a reasonable fee may be charged for the cost of impoundment and storage, prior to the release of the vehicles and bicycles to their owners. Each institution under the control of the board shall establish procedures for the determination of controversies in connection with imposition of sanctions. The procedures shall require giving notice of the violation and the sanction involved and provide an opportunity for an administrative hearing. Judicial review of the administrative ruling may be sought in accordance with the terms of the Iowa administrative procedure Act.

Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 17A, a proceeding conducted by the state board of regents or an institution governed by the state board of regents to determine the validity of an assessment of a violation of traffic control and parking rules is not a contested case as defined in section 17A.2, subsection 5.

Section History: Early form

  [C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 262.69; 82 Acts, ch 1141, § 1]

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