260F.6  Job training fund.

1.  There is established for the community colleges a job training fund in the department of economic development in the workforce development fund. The job training fund consists of moneys appropriated for the purposes of this chapter plus the interest and principal from repayment of advances made to businesses for program costs, plus the repayments, including interest, of loans made from that retraining fund, and interest earned from moneys in the job training fund.

2.  To provide funds for the present payment of the costs of a training program by the business, the community college may provide to the business an advance of the moneys to be used to pay for the program costs as provided in the agreement. To receive the funds for this advance from the job training fund established in subsection 1, the community college shall submit an application to the department of economic development. The amount of the advance shall not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars for any business site, or fifty thousand dollars within a three- fiscal-year period for any business site. If the project involves a consortium of businesses, the maximum award per project shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars. Participation in a consortium does not affect a business site's eligibility for individual project assistance. Prior to approval a business shall agree to match program amounts in accordance with criteria established by the department.

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 15.343, 260F.6B

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