256.66  Powers and duties of regional trustees.

In carrying out the purposes of section 256.60, each board of trustees:

1.  Shall appoint and evaluate a qualified administrator who shall have a master's degree in librarianship from a program of study accredited by the American library association and who may be terminated for good cause.

2.  Subject to the approval of the annual plan of service by the director of the department of education, may receive and expend state appropriated funds.

3.  May receive and expend other funds and receive and expend gifts of real property, personal property or mixed property, and devises and bequests including trust funds; may take title to the property; may execute deeds and bills of sale for the conveyance of the property; and may expend the funds received from the gifts.

4.  May accept and administer trusts and may authorize nonprofit foundations acting solely for the support of the regional library to accept and administer trusts deemed by the board to be beneficial to the operation of the regional library. Notwithstanding section 633.63, the board and the nonprofit foundation may act as trustees in these instances. The board shall require that moneys belonging to a nonprofit foundation be audited annually.

5.  May contract with libraries, library agencies, private corporations or individuals to improve library service.

6.  May acquire land and construct or lease facilities to carry out the provisions of sections 256.60 through 256.69.

7.  Shall provide consultation and educational programs for library staff and trustees concerning all facets of library management and operation.

8.  Shall provide interlibrary loan and information services intraregionally, but which are capable of being linked interregionally, according to the standards developed by the commission of libraries.

9.  Shall develop and adopt, in cooperation with other members of the regional library system and the director of the department of education, a long-range plan for the region.

10.  Shall prepare, in cooperation with all members of the regional library system and the director of the department of education, an annual plan of service.

11.  Shall provide data and prepare reports as directed by the director of the department of education.

12.  Shall encourage governmental subdivisions to maintain local financial support for the operating expenses of local libraries.

13.  May perform other acts necessary to carry out its powers and duties under sections 256.60 through 256.69.

Section History: Recent form

  93 Acts, ch 48, §29

Internal References

  Referred to in § 256.68

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