239B.3  Cash assistance.

1. a.  Within available funding, the department shall provide an ongoing cash assistance grant under the family investment program to a family eligible under section 239B.2.

b.  For an eligibility decision involving an applicant family with a specified relative, within thirty days of the date of an application, the department shall authorize issuance of notice of the department's decision to the specified relative.

2.  For an applicant or participant family, the department shall calculate and pay the cash assistance grant on a monthly basis, taking into consideration all of the following:

a.  The income and resources of the family.

b.  Whether the family has entered into a limited benefit plan.

c.  The size of the family.

d.  Available funding.

3.  The department may pay cash assistance and other cash benefits paid under this chapter by warrant, through a direct deposit to a financial institution of a participant, or through an electronic benefits transfer.

4.  The department may pay, from funds appropriated for this purpose, a maximum of four hundred dollars toward funeral expenses on the death of a child who is a participant or has been authorized to participate in the family investment program, provided both of the following conditions apply:

a.  The decedent does not leave an estate which may be probated with sufficient proceeds to allow for payment of the funeral expenses.

b.  Payments which are due the decedent's estate or beneficiary by reason of the liability of a life insurance, death or funeral benefit company, association, or society, or in the form of United States social security, railroad retirement, or veterans' benefits upon the death of the decedent, are deducted from the department's payment under this section.

Section History: Recent form

  97 Acts, ch 41, §4, 34; 99 Acts, ch 100, §2

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