232.142  Maintenance and cost of juvenile homes.

1.  County boards of supervisors which singly or in conjunction with one or more other counties provide and maintain juvenile detention and juvenile shelter care homes are subject to this section.

2.  For the purpose of providing and maintaining a county or multicounty home, the board of supervisors of any county may issue general county purpose bonds in accordance with sections 331.441 to 331.449. Expenses for providing and maintaining a multicounty home shall be paid by the counties participating in a manner to be determined by the boards of supervisors.

3.  A county or multicounty juvenile detention home approved pursuant to this section shall receive financial aid from the state in a manner approved by the director. Aid paid by the state shall be at least ten percent and not more than fifty percent of the total cost of the establishment, improvements, operation, and maintenance of the home.

4.  The director shall adopt minimal rules and standards for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of such homes as shall be necessary to effect the purposes of this chapter. The rules shall apply the requirements of section 237.8, concerning employment and evaluation of persons with direct responsibility for a child or with access to a child when the child is alone and persons residing in a child foster care facility, to persons employed by or residing in a home approved under this section. The director shall, upon request, give guidance and consultation in the establishment and administration of the homes and programs for the homes.

5.  The director shall approve annually all such homes established and maintained under the provisions of this chapter. A home shall not be approved unless it complies with minimal rules and standards adopted by the director and has been inspected by the department of inspections and appeals.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 232.69, 237.4, 331.382, 709.16

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