229A.10  Petition for discharge--procedure.

1.  If the director of human services determines that the person's mental abnormality has so changed that the person is not likely to commit predatory acts or sexually violent offenses if discharged, the director shall authorize the person to petition the court for discharge. The petition shall be served upon the court and the attorney general. The court, upon receipt of the petition for discharge, shall order a hearing within thirty days. The attorney general shall represent the state, and shall have the right to have the petitioner examined by an expert or professional person of the attorney general's choice. The hearing shall be before a jury if demanded by either the petitioner or the attorney general. The burden of proof shall be upon the attorney general to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the petitioner's mental abnormality or personality disorder remains such that the petitioner is not safe to be at large and that if discharged is likely to commit predatory acts or sexually violent offenses.

2.  Upon a finding that the state has failed to meet its burden of proof under this section, or a stipulation by the state, the court shall authorize the release of the committed person. Release may be ordered with or without supervision. If supervised release is ordered, the department of human services shall prepare a plan addressing the person's needs for counseling, medication, community support services, residential services, vocational services, alcohol and other drug abuse treatment, and any other treatment or supervision necessary. If the court orders the release of the committed person with supervision, the court shall order supervision by an agency with jurisdiction that is familiar with the placement of criminal offenders in the community.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1171, §10; 99 Acts, ch 61, §8, 14

Internal References

  Referred to in §229A.12

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