216A.102  Energy crisis fund.

1.  An energy crisis fund is created in the state treasury. Moneys deposited in the fund shall be used to assist low- income families who qualify for the low-income heating energy assistance program to avoid loss of essential heating.

2.  The fund may receive moneys including, but not limited to, the following:

a.  Moneys appropriated by the general assembly for the fund.

b.  Moneys credited to the fund under section 473.11.

c.  After July 1, 1988, unclaimed patronage dividends of electric cooperative corporations or associations shall be applied to the fund following the time specified in section 556.12 for claiming the dividend from the holder.

d.  The fund may also receive contributions from customer contribution funds established under section 476.66.

3.  Under rules developed by the division of community action agencies of the department of human rights, the fund may be used to negotiate reconnection of essential utility services with the energy provider.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1175, §6

  C89, § 601K.102

  91 Acts, ch 270, § 6

  C93, § 216A.102

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