206.6  License for commercial applicators.

1.  Commercial applicator.  No person shall engage in the business of applying pesticides to the lands or property of another at any time without being licensed by the secretary. The secretary shall require an annual license fee of not more than twenty-five dollars for each license. Application for a license shall be made in writing to the department on a designated form obtained from the department. Each application for a license shall contain information regarding the applicant's qualifications and proposed operations, license classification or classifications for which the applicant is applying.

A person who applies pesticides by use of an aircraft and who is licensed as an aerial commercial applicator in another state shall apply pesticides in Iowa only under the direct supervision of a person holding a valid Iowa aerial commercial applicator's license. The supervising aerial commercial applicator is jointly liable with the person who is licensed as an aerial commercial applicator in another state for damages. The supervising applicator shall immediately notify the secretary of the commencement and of the termination of service provided by the supervised applicator. However, a person licensed in another state as an aerial commercial applicator may operate independently if the person acquires an aerial commercial applicator license from the secretary, posts bond in an amount to be determined by the secretary, and registers with the department of transportation. The person is liable for damages.

2.  Nonresident applicator.  Any nonresident applying for a license under this chapter to operate in the state shall file a written power of attorney designating the secretary of state as the agent of such nonresident upon whom service of process may be had in the event of any suit against said nonresident person, and such power of attorney shall be so prepared and in such form as to render effective the jurisdiction of the courts of this state over such nonresident applicants. A nonresident who has a duly appointed resident agent upon whom process may be served as provided by law shall not be required to designate the secretary of state as such agent. The secretary of state shall be allowed such fees as provided by law for designating resident agents. The secretary shall be furnished with a copy of such designation of the secretary of state or of a resident agent, such copy to be certified by the secretary of state.

3.  Examination for commercial applicator license.  The secretary of agriculture shall not issue a commercial applicator license until the individual engaged in or managing the pesticide application business and employed by the business to apply pesticides is certified by passing an examination to demonstrate to the secretary the individual's knowledge of how to apply pesticides under the classifications the individual has applied for, and the individual's knowledge of the nature and effect of pesticides the individual may apply under such classifications. The applicant successfully completing the certification requirement shall be a licensed commercial applicator.

4.  Renewal of applicant's license.  The secretary of agriculture shall renew any applicant's license under the classifications for which such applicant is licensed, provided that all of the applicant's personnel who apply pesticides are certified commercial applicators.

5.  Issue commercial applicator license.  If the secretary finds the applicant qualified to apply pesticides in the classifications for which the applicant has applied and if the applicant files the bonds or insurance required under section 206.13, and if the applicant applying for a license to engage in aerial application of pesticides has met all of the requirements of the federal aviation administration, the department of transportation, and any other applicable federal or state laws or regulations to operate the equipment described in the application, the secretary shall issue a commercial applicator license limited to the classifications for which the applicant is qualified, which shall expire at the end of the calendar year of issue unless it has been revoked or suspended prior thereto by the secretary for cause. The secretary may limit the license of the applicant to the use of certain pesticides, or to certain areas, or to certain types of equipment if the applicant is only so qualified. If a license is not issued as applied for, the secretary shall inform the applicant in writing of the reasons.

6.  Public applicator.

a.  All state agencies, counties, municipal corporations, and any other governmental agency shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted thereunder concerning the application of pesticides.

b.  Public applicators for agencies listed in this subsection shall be subject to certification requirements as provided for in this section. The public applicator license shall be valid only when such applicator is acting as an applicator applying pesticides used by such entities. Government research personnel shall be exempt from this licensing requirement when applying pesticides only to experimental plots. Public agencies or municipal corporations licensed pursuant to this section shall be licensed public applicators.

c.  Such agencies and municipal corporations shall be subject to legal recourse by any person damaged by such application of any pesticide, and such action may be brought in the county where the damage or some part thereof occurred.

Section History: Early form

  [C66, 71, 73, § 206.5; C75, 77, 79, 81, § 206.6]

Section History: Recent form

  83 Acts, ch 101, § 35, 36; 87 Acts, ch 225, § 215-217

Internal References

  Referred to in § 206.11, 206.13, 206.17, 206.18, 206.23A, 558A.4

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