183A.7  Administration of moneys--appropriation.

Assessments imposed under this chapter paid to and collected by the Iowa pork producers council shall be deposited in the pork promotion fund which is established in the office of the treasurer of state. The department of revenue and finance shall transfer moneys from the fund to the council for deposit into an account established by the council in a qualified financial institution. The department shall transfer the moneys as provided in a resolution adopted by the council. However, the department is only required to transfer moneys once during each day and only during hours when the offices of the state are open.

All moneys deposited in the pork promotion fund and transferred to the council as provided in this section are appropriated and shall be used for the administration of this chapter and for the payment of claims based upon obligations incurred in the performance of activities and functions set forth in this chapter.

From the moneys collected, deposited, and transferred to the council as provided in this chapter, the council shall first pay the costs of referendums held pursuant to this chapter. Of the moneys remaining, at least ten percent shall be remitted to the national livestock and meat board and the pork industry group; at least twenty-five percent shall be remitted to the national pork producers council; and at least fifteen percent shall be remitted to the Iowa pork producers association, in the proportion the committee determines, for use by recipients in a manner not inconsistent with market development as defined in section 183A.1. Moneys remaining shall be spent as found necessary by the council to further carry out the provisions and purposes of this chapter.

However, in no event shall the total expenses exceed the total amount of moneys transferred from the fund for use by the council.

Section History: Recent form

  85 Acts, ch 199, §7; 86 Acts, ch 1100, § 17; 94 Acts, ch 1146, §11

Internal References

  Referred to in § 183A.9A

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