15F.203  Community attraction and tourism program application review.

1.  Applications for assistance under the program shall be submitted to the department. For those applications that meet the eligibility criteria, the department shall provide a staff review analysis and evaluation to the community attraction and tourism program review committee referred to in subsection 2 and the board.

2.  A review committee composed of five members of the board shall review community attraction and tourism program applications submitted to the board and make recommendations regarding the applications to the board. The review committee shall consist of members of the board listed in section 15F.102, subsection 2, paragraphs "a" through "c".

3.  When reviewing the applications, the review committee and the department shall consider, at a minimum, all of the following:

a.  Whether the wages, benefits, including health benefits, safety, and other attributes of the project would improve the quality of life or the quality of attraction or tourism employment in the community.

b.  The extent to which such a project would generate additional recreational and cultural attractions or tourism opportunities.

c.  The ability of the project to produce a long-term, tax-generating economic impact.

d.  The location of the projects and geographic diversity of the applications.

e.  The project is primarily a vertical infrastructure project with demonstrated substantial regional or statewide economic impact. For purposes of the program, "vertical infrastructure" means land acquisition and construction, major renovation and major repair of buildings, all appurtenant structures, utilities, site development, and recreational trails. "Vertical infrastructure" does not include routine, recurring maintenance or operational expenses or leasing of a building, appurtenant structure, or utility without a lease-purchase agreement.

f.  Whether the applicant has received financial assistance under the program for the same project.

g.  The extent to which the project has taken the following planning principles into consideration:

(1)  Efficient and effective use of land resources and existing infrastructure by encouraging development in areas with existing infrastructure or capacity to avoid costly duplication of services and costly use of land.

(2)  Provision for a variety of transportation choices, including pedestrian traffic.

(3)  Maintenance of a unique sense of place by respecting local cultural and natural environmental features.

(4)  Conservation of open space and farmland and preservation of critical environmental areas.

(5)  Promotion of the safety, livability, and revitalization of existing urban and rural communities.

4.  Upon review of the recommendations of the review committee, the board shall approve, defer, or deny the applications.

5.  Upon approval of an application for financial assistance under the program, the board shall notify the treasurer of state regarding the amount of moneys needed to satisfy the award of financial assistance and the terms of the award. The treasurer of state shall notify the department anytime moneys are disbursed to a recipient of financial assistance under the program.

Section History: Recent form

  2000 Acts, ch 1174, §9

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