159A.6B  Technical assistance.

The office shall assist persons in revitalizing rural regions of this state, by providing technical assistance to new or existing renewable fuel production facilities, including the establishment and operation of facilities, and specifically facilities which create coproducts, including coproducts which support livestock production operations. The office shall consult with the Iowa corn growers association and the Iowa soybean association. The office shall provide planning assistance which may include evaluations of methods to most profitably manage these operations. The business planning assistance shall provide for adequate environmental protection of this state's natural resources from the operation of the facility.

The office may execute contracts in order to provide technical support and outreach services for purposes of assisting and educating interested persons as provided in this section. The office may also contract with a consultant to provide part or all of these services. The office may require that a person receiving assistance pursuant to this section contribute up to fifty percent of the amount required to support the costs of contracting with the consultant to provide assistance to the person. The office shall assist the person in completing any technical information required in order to receive assistance by the department of economic development pursuant to the value-added agricultural products and processes financial assistance program created pursuant to section 15E.111. The office shall cooperate with the department of economic development, the department of natural resources, and regents institutions or other universities and colleges as provided in section 15E.111, in order to carry out this section.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1119, §21

Internal References

  Referred to in § 15E.111, 159A.7

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