141A.8  Care provider notification.

1.  If a care provider in the course of providing care sustains a significant exposure on the premises of a health facility or while engaged in rendering aid or providing transportation to an individual in circumstances which lead to the individual's presence at a health facility, the individual to whom the care provider was exposed is deemed to consent to a test to be administered by the health facility upon the submission of a significant exposure report by the exposed care provider for the express purpose of determining the presence of HIV infection in that individual and notifying the health care provider of the HIV test results of the individual. The sample and test results shall only be identified by a number and no reports otherwise required by this chapter shall be made which identify the individual tested. However, if the test results are positive, the health facility shall notify the individual tested and ensure the performance of counseling and reporting requirements of this chapter in the same manner as for an individual from whom actual consent was obtained.

2.  The hospital shall notify the care provider involved in attending or transporting an individual who submitted a significant exposure report. This shall include a person who renders direct emergency aid without compensation, or in the case of an emergency care provider, the designated officer of the emergency care provider service, who in turn shall notify any emergency care providers. The identity of the designated officer shall not be revealed to the individual. The designated officer shall inform the hospital of those parties who received the notification, and following receipt of this information and upon request of the individual, the hospital shall inform the individual of the parties to whom notification was provided.

3.  The hospital, upon request of the individual, shall inform the individual of the persons to whom notification was made.

4.  The process for notification under this section shall be initiated as soon as is reasonably possible.

5.  A health care provider, with consent of the individual, may provide the notification required of hospitals in this section to care providers if an individual who has HIV infection is delivered by a care provider to the office or clinic of the health care provider for treatment. The notification shall take place only upon submission of a significant exposure report form by the care provider to the health care provider and the determination by the health care provider that a significant exposure has occurred.

6.  This section does not require or permit, unless otherwise provided, a hospital or health care provider to administer a test for the express purpose of determining the presence of HIV infection, except that testing may be performed if the individual consents, and if the requirements of this section are satisfied.

7.  A hospital or health care provider, or other person participating in good faith in making a report under the notification provisions of this section, under procedures similar to this section for notification of its own employees upon filing of a significant exposure report, or in failing to make a report under this section, is immune from any liability, civil or criminal, which might otherwise be incurred or imposed.

8.  Notifications made pursuant to this section shall not disclose the identity of the individual who is diagnosed or confirmed as having HIV infection unless the individual provides a specific written release. If the care provider determines the identity of the individual, the identity of the individual shall be confidential information and shall not be disclosed by the care provider to any other person unless a specific written release is obtained from the individual.

9.  A hospital's duty to notify under this section is not continuing but is limited to the diagnosis of HIV infection made in the course of admission, care, and treatment following the rendering of assistance or treatment of the individual with the infection.

10.  Notwithstanding subsection 9, if, following discharge or completion of care or treatment, an individual for whom a significant exposure report was submitted but which report did not result in notification, wishes to provide information regarding the individual's HIV infection status to the care provider who submitted the report, the hospital shall provide a procedure for notifying the care provider.

11.  The employer of a care provider who submits a report of significant exposure under this section sustained in the course of employment shall pay the costs of HIV testing for the individual and the costs of HIV testing and counseling for the care provider. However, the department shall pay the costs of HIV testing for the individual and the costs of HIV testing and counseling for a care provider who renders direct aid without compensation.

Section History: Recent form

  99 Acts, ch 181, §12; 2000 Acts, ch 1140, §27-29; 2000 Acts, ch 1154, §13

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