135G.9  Education and orientation for birth center clients and their families.

1.  The clients and their families shall be fully informed of the policies and procedures of the licensed birth center, including, but not limited to, policies and procedures on:

a.  The selection of clients.

b.  The expectation of self-help and family/client relationships.

c.  The qualifications of the clinical staff.

d.  The transfer to a licensed hospital.

e.  The philosophy of childbirth care and the scope of services.

f.  The customary length of stay after delivery.

2.  The clients shall be prepared for childbirth and childbearing by education in:

a.  The course of pregnancy and normal changes occurring during pregnancy.

b.  The need for prenatal care.

c.  Nutrition.

d.  The effects of smoking and substance abuse.

e.  Labor and delivery.

f.  The care of the newborn.

Section History: Recent form

  87 Acts, ch 200, § 9

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