12E.12  Tobacco settlement trust fund--established--investment--liability.

1.  A tobacco settlement trust fund is established, separate and apart from all other public moneys or funds of the state, under the control of the authority. The fund shall consist of moneys paid to the authority and not pledged to the payment of bonds or otherwise obligated. Such moneys shall include but are not limited to payments received from the master settlement agreement which are not pledged to the payment of bonds or which are subsequently released from a pledge to the payment of any bonds; payments which, in accordance with any sales agreement with the state, are to be paid to the state and not pledged to the bonds, including that portion of the proceeds of any bonds designated for purchase of all or a portion of the state's share, which are designated for deposit in the fund, together with all interest, dividends, and rents on the bonds; and all securities or investment income and other assets acquired by and through the use of the moneys belonging to the fund and any other moneys deposited in the fund. Moneys in the fund are to be used solely and only for the payment of all amounts due and to become due to the state, and shall not be used for any other purpose. Such moneys shall not be available for the payment of any claim against the authority or any debt or obligation of the authority.

2.  The treasurer of the authority shall act as custodian and trustee of the fund and shall administer the fund as directed by the authority. The treasurer of the authority shall do all of the following:

a.  Hold the funds.

b.  Invest the portion of the funds which, as deemed by the authority, is not necessary for current payment of sums to the state under this chapter or the program plan.

c.  Disburse funds, if directed by the authority.

d.  Sell any securities or other property held by the fund and reinvest the proceeds as directed by the authority, when deemed advisable by the authority for the protection of the fund or the preservation of the value of the investment. Such sale of securities or other property held by the fund shall only be made with the advice of the board in the manner and to the extent provided in this chapter with regard to the purchase of investments.

e.  Subscribe, at the direction of the authority, for the purchase of securities for future delivery in anticipation of future income. Such securities shall be paid for by such anticipated income or from funds from the sale of securities or other property held by the fund.

f.  Pay for securities, as directed by the authority, on the receipt of the purchasing entity's paid statement or paid confirmation of purchase.

3.  The authority shall execute the disposition and investment of moneys in the fund in accordance with the investment policy and goal statement established by the board.

a.  In establishing the investment policy and goal statement of the fund, the standard utilized by the board shall be the exercise of judgment and care, under the prevailing circumstances, which persons of prudence, discretion, and intelligence exercise in the management of their own financial affairs, not for the purpose of speculation, but with regard to the permanent disposition of the funds, considering the probable income, as well as the probable safety, of their capital.

b.  Within the limitations of the standard prescribed in this subsection and the program plan, the treasurer of the authority, the authority, and the board may acquire and retain any type of property or investment which persons of prudence, discretion, and intelligence would acquire or retain for their own financial interests.

c.  The authority and the board shall give appropriate consideration to those facts and circumstances that the authority and board know or should know are relevant to the particular investment or investment policy involved, including the role the investment plays in the total value of the fund. For the purposes of this paragraph, "appropriate consideration" includes, but is not limited to, a determination by the authority and the board that the particular investment or investment policy is reasonably designed to further the purposes of the tobacco settlement program plan, taking into consideration the risk of loss and the opportunity for gain or other return associated with the investment or investment policy and consideration of all of the following as they relate to the tobacco settlement trust fund:

(1)  The composition of the fund with regard to diversification.

(2)  The liquidity and current return of the investments in the fund relative to the anticipated cash flow requirements of the program plan.

(3)  The projected return of the investments relative to the funding objectives of the program plan.

d.  Investments of moneys in the funds are not subject to sections 73.15 through 73.21.

4.  The authority, its staff, members of the board, and the treasurer of the authority are not personally liable for actions or omissions under this chapter that do not involve malicious or wanton misconduct even if those actions or omissions violate the standards established in this section.

5.  Except as provided in this section, if there is loss to the fund, the treasurer, the authority, the board, and the staff are not personally liable, and the loss shall be charged against the fund. The amount required to cover a loss may be paid from the fund.

6. a.  Expenses incurred in the sale and purchase of securities belonging to the fund shall be charged to the fund, and the amount required for the investment management expenses may be paid from the fund, subject to the limitations stated in this subsection. The amount paid for investment management expenses for a fiscal year under this section shall not exceed the reasonable and customary charge to similar funds for similar purposes. The authority shall report the investment management expenses for a fiscal year as a percent of the market value of the fund in the annual report to the governor submitted pursuant to section 12E.15.

b.  A person who has entered into a contract with the authority for investment management purposes shall meet the requirements for doing business in Iowa sufficient to be subject to taxation under the rules of the department of revenue and finance.

7.  All moneys paid to or deposited in the fund are available to the authority to be used for the exclusive purpose of the program plan in accordance with this chapter, including but not limited to all of the following:

a.  For payment of amounts due to the state pursuant to the terms of the sales agreements entered into between the state and the authority.

b.  For payment of other amounts provided for in the program plan.

c.  For payment of the costs of administering the program plan and the costs of the authority.

Section History: Recent form

  2000 Acts, ch 1208, §12, 25

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