123.35  Simplified renewal procedure--class "E" procedure.

The administrator shall prescribe simplified application forms for the renewal of liquor control licenses, wine permits, and beer permits which may be filed by licensees and permittees in lieu of a detailed renewal application form when qualifications and qualification information have not changed since the original issuance of the license or permit. The simplified form shall require the licensee or permittee to verify under oath that the information contained in the original application remains current, and that no reason exists for the division's refusal to renew the license or permit as originally issued.

The application, accompanied by the necessary fee and bond, if required, shall be filed in the same manner as is provided for filing the initial application. However, for the renewal of a class "E" license, the simplified application form for renewal, accompanied by the necessary fee and bond if required, shall be filed directly with the administrator without the endorsement of local authorities if all of the following conditions are met:  the applicant's license has not been suspended or revoked since the preceding license was issued; a civil penalty has not been imposed against the applicant under this chapter since the preceding license was issued; an administrative proceeding is not pending against the applicant to suspend or revoke the applicant's license or to impose a civil penalty under this chapter; and the applicant has not been convicted of a violation of this chapter since the preceding license was issued.

Section History: Early form

  [C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 123.35]

Section History: Recent form

  85 Acts, ch 32, §25; 88 Acts, ch 1088, § 5; 93 Acts, ch 91, § 13

Internal References

  Referred to in § 123.31

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