907.3A  Youthful offender deferred sentence--youthful offender status.

1.  Notwithstanding section 907.3 but subject to any conditions of the waiver order, the trial court shall, upon a plea of guilty or a verdict of guilty, defer sentence of a youthful offender over whom the juvenile court has waived jurisdiction pursuant to section 232.45, subsection 7, and place the juvenile on youthful offender status. The court shall transfer supervision of the youthful offender to the juvenile court for disposition in accordance with section 232.52. The court shall require supervision of the youthful offender in accordance with section 232.54, subsection 8, or subsection 2 of this section. Notwithstanding section 901.2, a presentence investigation shall not be ordered by the court subsequent to an entry of a plea of guilty or verdict of guilty or prior to deferral of sentence of a youthful offender under this section.

2.  The court shall hold a hearing prior to a youthful offender's eighteenth birthday to determine whether the youthful offender shall continue on youthful offender status after the youthful offender's eighteenth birthday under the supervision of the court or be discharged. The court shall review the report of the juvenile court regarding the youthful offender and shall hear evidence by or on behalf of the youthful offender, by the county attorney, and by the person or agency to whom custody of the youthful offender was transferred. The court shall make its decision after considering the services available to the youthful offender, the evidence presented, the juvenile court's report, the interests of the youthful offender, and interests of the community.

3.  Notwithstanding any provision of the Code which prescribes a mandatory minimum sentence for the offense committed by the youthful offender, following transfer of the youthful offender from the juvenile court back to the court having jurisdiction over the criminal proceedings involving the youthful offender, the court may continue the youthful offender deferred sentence or enter a sentence, which may be a suspended sentence. Notwithstanding anything in section 907.7 to the contrary, if the district court either continues the youthful offender deferred sentence or enters a sentence, suspends the sentence, and places the youthful offender on probation, the term of formal supervision shall commence upon entry of the order by the district court and may continue for a period not to exceed five years. If the district court enters a sentence of confinement, and the youthful offender was previously placed in secure confinement by the juvenile court under the terms of the initial disposition order or any modification to the initial disposition order, the person shall receive credit for any time spent in secure confinement. During any period of probation imposed by the district court, a youthful offender who violates the terms of probation is subject to section 908.11.

Section History: Recent form

  97 Acts, ch 126, §51

Internal References

  Referred to in § 232.45, 232.50, 232.52, 232.54, 232.55, 232.56

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