455G.6  Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund--general and specific powers.

In administering the fund, the board has all of the general powers reasonably necessary and convenient to carry out its purposes and duties and may do any of the following, subject to express limitations contained in this chapter:

1.  Guarantee secured and unsecured loans, and enter into agreements for corrective action, acquisition and construction of tank improvements, and provide for the insurance program. The loan guarantees may be made to a person or entity owning or operating a tank. The board may take any action which is reasonable and lawful to protect its security and to avoid losses from its loan guarantees.

2.  Acquire, hold, and mortgage personal property and real estate and interests in real estate to be used.

3.  Purchase, construct, improve, furnish, equip, lease, option, sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of one or more improvements under the terms it determines.

4.  Grant a mortgage, lien, pledge, assignment, or other encumbrance on one or more improvements, revenues, asset of right, accounts, or funds established or received in connection with the fund, including revenues derived from the use tax under section 423.24, subsection 1, paragraph "a", and deposited in the fund or an account of the fund.

5.  Provide that the interest on bonds may vary in accordance with a base or formula.

6.  Contract for the acquisition, construction, or both of one or more improvements or parts of one or more improvements and for the leasing, subleasing, sale, or other disposition of one or more improvements in a manner it determines.

7.  The board may contract with the authority for the authority to issue bonds and do all things necessary with respect to the purposes of the fund, as set out in the contract between the board and the authority. The board may delegate to the authority and the authority shall then have all of the powers of the board which are necessary to issue and secure bonds and carry out the purposes of the fund, to the extent provided in the contract between the board and the authority. The authority may issue the authority's bonds in principal amounts which, in the opinion of the board, are necessary to provide sufficient funds for the fund, the payment of interest on the bonds, the establishment of reserves to secure the bonds, the costs of issuance of the bonds, other expenditures of the authority incident to and necessary or convenient to carry out the bond issue for the fund, and all other expenditures of the board necessary or convenient to administer the fund. The bonds are investment securities and negotiable instruments within the meaning of and for purposes of the uniform commercial code.

8.  Bonds issued under this section are payable solely and only out of the moneys, assets, or revenues of the fund, all of which may be deposited with trustees or depositories in accordance with bond or security documents and pledged by the board to the payment thereof, and are not an indebtedness of this state or the authority, or a charge against the general credit or general fund of the state or the authority, and the state shall not be liable for any financial undertakings with respect to the fund. Bonds issued under this chapter shall contain on their face a statement that the bonds do not constitute an indebtedness of the state or the authority.

9.  The proceeds of bonds issued by the authority and not required for immediate disbursement may be deposited with a trustee or depository as provided in the bond documents and invested in any investment approved by the authority and specified in the trust indenture, resolution, or other instrument pursuant to which the bonds are issued without regard to any limitation otherwise provided by law.

10.  The bonds shall be:

a.  In a form, issued in denominations, executed in a manner, and payable over terms and with rights of redemption, and be subject to such other terms and conditions as prescribed in the trust indenture, resolution, or other instrument authorizing their issuance.

b.  Negotiable instruments under the laws of the state and may be sold at prices, at public or private sale, and in a manner, as prescribed by the authority. Chapters 73A, 74, 74A and 75 do not apply to their sale or issuance of the bonds.

c.  Subject to the terms, conditions, and covenants providing for the payment of the principal, redemption premiums, if any, interest, and other terms, conditions, covenants, and protective provisions safeguarding payment, not inconsistent with this chapter and as determined by the trust indenture, resolution, or other instrument authorizing their issuance.

11.  The bonds are securities in which public officers and bodies of this state; political subdivisions of this state; insurance companies and associations and other persons carrying on an insurance business; banks, trust companies, savings associations, savings and loan associations, and investment companies; administrators, guardians, executors, trustees, and other fiduciaries; and other persons authorized to invest in bonds or other obligations of the state, may properly and legally invest funds, including capital, in their control or belonging to them.

12.  Bonds must be authorized by a trust indenture, resolution, or other instrument of the authority, approved by the board. However, a trust indenture, resolution, or other instrument authorizing the issuance of bonds may delegate to an officer of the issuer the power to negotiate and fix the details of an issue of bonds.

13.  Neither the resolution, trust agreement, nor any other instrument by which a pledge is created needs to be recorded or filed under the Iowa uniform commercial code to be valid, binding, or effective.

14.  Bonds issued under the provisions of this section are declared to be issued for an essential public and governmental purpose and all bonds issued under this chapter shall be exempt from taxation by the state of Iowa and the interest on the bonds shall be exempt from the state income tax and the state inheritance and estate tax.

15. a.  Subject to the terms of any bond documents, moneys in the fund or fund accounts may be expended for administration expenses, civil penalties, moneys paid under an agreement, stipulation, or settlement, for the costs associated with sites within a community remediation project, for costs related to contracts entered into with a state agency or university, costs for activities relating to litigation, or for the costs of any other activities as the board may determine are necessary and convenient to facilitate compliance with and to implement the intent of federal laws and regulations and this chapter. For purposes of this chapter, administration expenses include expenses incurred by the underground storage tank section of the department of natural resources in relation to tanks regulated under this chapter.

b.  The authority granted under this subsection which allows the board to expend fund moneys on an activity the board determines is necessary and convenient to facilitate compliance with and to implement the intent of federal laws and regulations and this chapter, shall only be used in accordance with the following:

(1)  Prior board approval shall be required before expenditure of moneys pursuant to this authority shall be made.

(2)  If the expenditure of fund moneys pursuant to this authority would result in the board establishing a policy which would substantially affect the operation of the program, rules shall be adopted pursuant to chapter 17A prior to the board or the administrator taking any action pursuant to this proposed policy.

16.  The board shall cooperate with the department of natural resources in the implementation and administration of this chapter to assure that in combination with existing state statutes and rules governing underground storage tanks, the state will be, and continue to be, recognized by the federal government as having an "approved state account" under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, especially by compliance with the Act's subtitle I financial responsibility requirements as enacted in the federal Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 and the financial responsibility regulations adopted by the United States environmental protection agency at 40 C.F.R. pts. 280 and 281. Whenever possible this chapter shall be interpreted to further the purposes of, and to comply, and not to conflict, with such federal requirements.

17.  Allocate moneys from the Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund to the no further action fund.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 131, § 47; 90 Acts, ch 1235, § 20; 92 Acts, ch 1018, § 1; 92 Acts, ch 1217, § 6; 95 Acts, ch 215, §13; 98 Acts, ch 1065, §2


  Section repealed effective July 1, 2009; exception for outstanding bonds; 89 Acts, ch 131, § 63

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