260G.2  Definitions.

When used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  "Accelerated career education program" means a program established pursuant to section 260G.3.

2.  "Agreement" means a program agreement referred to in section 260G.3 between an employer and a community college.

3.  "Board of directors" means the board of directors of a community college.

4.  "Community college" means a community college established under chapter 260C or a consortium of two or more community colleges.

5.  "Employee" means a person employed in a program job.

6.  "Employer" means a business or consortium of businesses engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of manufacturing, processing, or assembling products, construction, conducting research and development, or providing services in interstate or intrastate commerce, but excludes retail services.

7.  "Highly skilled job" means a job with a broadly based, high performance skill profile including advanced computation and communication skills, technology skills, and workplace behavior skills, and for which an applied technical education is required.

8.  "Participant" means an individual who is enrolled in an accelerated career education program at a community college.

9.  "Participant position" means the individual student enrollment position available in an accelerated career education program.

10.  "Program capital costs" includes, but is not limited to, costs related to any or all of the following:

a.  Classroom and laboratory renovation.

b.  New classroom and laboratory construction.

c.  Site acquisition or preparation.

d.  Instructional equipment and technology.

11.  "Program costs" means all necessary and incidental costs of providing program services.

12.  "Program job" means a highly skilled job available from an employer pursuant to a program agreement.

13.  "Program job position" means a job position which is planned or available for an employee by the employer pursuant to a program agreement.

14.  "Program services" includes, but is not limited to, all of the following provided they are pursuant to a program agreement:

a.  Program needs assessment and development.

b.  Job task analysis.

c.  Curriculum development and revision.

d.  Instruction.

e.  Instructional materials and supplies.

f.  Computer software and upgrades.

g.  Instructional support.

h.  Administrative and student services.

i.  Related school-to-career training programs.

j.  Skill or career interest assessment services and testing.

k.  Contracted services.

Section History: Recent form

  99 Acts, ch 179, §2, 12

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