229A.6  Counsel and experts, indigent persons.

1.  A respondent to a petition alleging the person to be a sexually violent predator shall be entitled to the assistance of counsel upon the filing of the petition under section 229A.4 and, if the respondent is indigent, the court shall appoint counsel to assist the respondent at state expense.

2.  If a respondent is subjected to an examination under this chapter, the respondent may retain experts or professional persons to perform an independent examination on the respondent's behalf. If the respondent wishes to be examined by a qualified expert or professional person of the respondent's own choice, the examiner of the respondent's choice shall be given reasonable access to the respondent for the purpose of the examination, as well as access to all relevant medical and psychological records and reports. If the respondent is indigent, the court, upon the respondent's request, shall determine whether the services are necessary and the reasonable compensation for the services. If the court determines that the services are necessary and the requested compensation for the services is reasonable, the court shall assist the respondent in obtaining an expert or professional person to perform an examination or participate in the trial on the respondent's behalf. The court shall approve payment for such services upon the filing of a certified claim for compensation supported by a written statement specifying the time expended, services rendered, expenses incurred on behalf of the respondent, and compensation received in the same case or for the same services from any other source.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1171, §6

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