15E.206  Formation of an Iowa agricultural industry finance corporation.

1.  This section authorizes the formation of Iowa agricultural industry finance corporations in order to perfect the manner in which such corporations are formed and operate. Such a corporation is a private business corporation and not a public corporation or instrumentality of the state. The corporation shall not enjoy any of the privileges nor be required to comply with any of the requirements of a state agency.

2.  In facilitating the formation of an Iowa agricultural industry finance corporation, the following persons shall serve as incorporators as provided in section 490.201:

a.  The chairperson of the economic development board or a designee of the chairperson.

b.  The director of the department of economic development, or a designee of the director.

c.  The secretary of agriculture or a designee of the secretary.

3. a.  After incorporation, such a corporation shall be organized by an initial board of directors as provided in chapter 490, division II. The initial board of directors shall be elected by the members of an appointment committee. The members of the appointment committee shall be appointed by the economic development board. The initial board of directors shall consist of seven members. The members of the appointment committee shall include persons who have an expertise in areas of banking, agricultural lending, business development, agricultural production and processing, seed and venture capital investment, and other areas of expertise as deemed appropriate by the interim board of directors.

b.  The members of the appointment committee shall exercise due care to assure that persons appointed to the initial board of directors have the requisite financial experience necessary in order to carry out the duties of the corporation as established in this division, including in areas related to agricultural lending, commercial banking, and investment management.

c.  Upon the election of the initial board of directors, the terms of the members of the appointment committee shall expire.

d.  The department shall assist the incorporators and the appointment committee in any manner determined necessary and appropriate by the economic development board and the director of the department in order to administer this section.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1207, §7

Internal References

  Referred to in §15E.205

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