15E.204  Iowa agricultural industry finance corporations--scope of powers and duties.

1.  An Iowa agricultural industry finance corporation formed under this division shall be subject to and have the powers and privileges conferred by provisions of chapter 490, unless otherwise limited by or inconsistent with the provisions of this division.

2.  Nothing in this division requires any of the following:

a.  That a limited number of Iowa agricultural industry finance corporations are authorized to be formed. However, the department may strictly interpret and apply the requirements of this division in determining whether a corporation is a qualified corporation under section 15E.208.

b.  That a corporation be organized on a cooperative basis, including structured, organized, or operated pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 1381(a).

c.  That a corporation is restricted from holding, acquiring, or transferring financial or security instruments, including but not limited to a security regulated under chapter 502, money, accounts, and chattel paper under chapter 554, security interests under chapter 554, or a mortgage or deed of trust under chapter 654.

3.  An Iowa agricultural industry finance corporation is a private business corporation and not a public corporation or instrumentality of the state. Except as provided in this division, nothing in this division exempts an Iowa agricultural industry finance corporation from the same requirements under state law which apply to other corporations organized under chapter 490, including taxation provisions under chapter 422 or Title X, subtitle 2 of this Code, or security regulations under chapter 502.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1207, §5

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