99F.4  Powers.

The commission shall have full jurisdiction over and shall supervise all gambling operations governed by this chapter. The commission shall have the following powers and shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A to implement this chapter:

1.  To investigate applicants and determine the eligibility of applicants for a license and to select among competing applicants for a license the applicant which best serves the interests of the citizens of Iowa.

2.  To license qualified sponsoring organizations, to license the operators of excursion gambling boats, to identify occupations within the excursion gambling boat operations which require licensing, and to adopt standards for licensing the occupations including establishing fees for the occupational licenses and licenses for qualified sponsoring organizations. The fees shall be paid to the commission and deposited in the general fund of the state. All revenue received by the commission under this chapter from license fees and admission fees shall be deposited in the general fund of the state and shall be subject to the requirements of section 8.60.

3.  To adopt standards under which all excursion gambling boat operations shall be held and standards for the facilities within which the gambling operations are to be held. The commission may authorize the operation of gambling games on an excursion gambling boat which is also licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, wine, or beer as defined in section 123.3.

4.  To license the licensee of a pari-mutuel dog or horse racetrack enclosure subject to the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted pursuant to this chapter relating to gambling except as otherwise provided in section 99F.4A.

5.  To enter the office, excursion gambling boat, facilities, or other places of business of a licensee to determine compliance with this chapter.

6.  To investigate alleged violations of this chapter or the commission rules, orders, or final decisions and to take appropriate disciplinary action against a licensee or a holder of an occupational license for a violation, or institute appropriate legal action for enforcement, or both.

7.  To require a licensee, an employee of a licensee or holder of an occupational license to remove a person violating a provision of this chapter or the commission rules, orders, or final orders, or other person deemed to be undesirable, from the excursion gambling boat facilities.

8.  To require the removal of a licensee, an employee of a licensee, or a holder of an occupational license for a violation of this chapter or a commission rule or engaging in a fraudulent practice.

9.  To require a licensee to file an annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement pertaining to the licensee's gambling activities in this state, together with a list of the stockholders or other persons having any beneficial interest in the gambling activities of each licensee.

10.  To issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and subpoenas duces tecum for the production of books, records, and other pertinent documents in accordance with chapter 17A, and to administer oaths and affirmations to the witnesses, when, in the judgment of the commission, it is necessary to enforce this chapter or the commission rules.

11.  To keep accurate and complete records of its proceedings and to certify the records as may be appropriate.

12.  To assess a fine and revoke or suspend licenses.

13.  To take any other action as may be reasonable or appropriate to enforce this chapter and the commission rules.

14.  To require all licensees of gambling game operations to utilize a cashless wagering system whereby all players' money is converted to tokens, electronic cards, or chips which only can be used for wagering on the excursion gambling boat.

15.  To determine the payouts from the gambling games authorized under this chapter. In making the determination of payouts, the commission shall consider factors that provide gambling and entertainment opportunities which are beneficial to the gambling licensees and the general public.

16.  To set the payout rate for all slot machines.

17.  To define the excursion season and the duration of an excursion. While an excursion gambling boat is docked, passengers may embark or disembark at any time during its business hours.

18.  To provide for the continuous videotaping of all gambling activities on an excursion boat. The videotaping shall be performed under guidelines set by rule of the division of criminal investigation and the rules may require that all or part of the original tapes be submitted to the division on a timely schedule.

19.  To provide for adequate security aboard each excursion gambling boat.

20.  To establish minimum charges for admission to excursion gambling boats and regulate the number of free admissions.

21.  Drug testing, as permitted by section 730.5, shall be required periodically, not less than every sixty days, of persons employed as captains, pilots, or physical operators of excursion gambling boats under the provisions of this chapter.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 99F.10, 99F.17

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