915.20  Presence of victim counselors.

1.  As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires:

a.  "Proceedings related to the offense" means any activities engaged in or proceedings commenced by a law enforcement agency, judicial district department of correctional services, or a court pertaining to the commission of a public offense against the victim, in which the victim is present, as well as examinations of the victim in an emergency medical facility due to injuries from the public offense which do not require surgical procedures. "Proceedings related to the offense" includes, but is not limited to, law enforcement investigations, pretrial court hearings, trial and sentencing proceedings, and proceedings relating to the preparation of a presentence investigation report in which the victim is present.

b.  "Victim counselor" means a victim counselor as defined in section 915.20A.

2.  A victim counselor who is present as a result of a request by a victim shall not be denied access to any proceedings related to the offense.

3.  This section does not affect the inherent power of the court to regulate the conduct of discovery pursuant to the Iowa rules of criminal or civil procedure or to preside over and control the conduct of criminal or civil hearings or trials.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1090, §15, 84

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