911.2  Surcharge.

When a court imposes a fine or forfeiture for a violation of a state law, or of a city or county ordinance except an ordinance regulating the parking of motor vehicles, the court shall assess an additional penalty in the form of a surcharge equal to thirty percent of the fine or forfeiture imposed. An additional drug abuse resistance education surcharge of five dollars shall be assessed by the clerk of the district court if the violation arose out of a violation of an offense provided for in chapter 321J or chapter 124, division IV. In the event of multiple offenses, the surcharge shall be based upon the total amount of fines or forfeitures imposed for all offenses. When a fine or forfeiture is suspended in whole or in part, the surcharge shall be reduced in proportion to the amount suspended.

The surcharge is subject to the provisions of chapter 909 governing the payment and collection of fines, as provided in section 909.8.

Section History: Early form

  [82 Acts, ch 1258, § 2]

Section History: Recent form

  84 Acts, ch 1274, § 2; 87 Acts, ch 72, §2; 90 Acts, ch 1264, § 36; 91 Acts, ch 260, §816, 818; 91 Acts, ch 263, §35; 96 Acts, ch 1216, § 34; 98 Acts, ch 1071, § 2

Internal References

  Referred to in § 331.302, 364.3, 602.8102(135A), 602.8108, 805.8(1, 11), 902.9, 903.1, 909.10, 911.1

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