906.5  Record reviewed--rules.

1.  The board shall establish and implement a plan by which the board systematically reviews the status of each person who has been committed to the custody of the director of the Iowa department of corrections and considers the person's prospects for parole or work release. The board at least annually shall review the status of a person other than a class "A" felon, a class "B" felon serving a sentence of more than twenty-five years, or a felon serving a mandatory minimum sentence other than a class "A" felon, and provide the person with notice of the board's parole or work release decision.

Not less than twenty days prior to conducting a hearing at which the board will interview the person, the board shall notify the department of corrections of the scheduling of the interview, and the department shall make the person available to the board at the person's institutional residence as scheduled in the notice. However, if health, safety, or security conditions require moving the person to another institution or facility prior to the scheduled interview, the department of corrections shall so notify the board.

2.  It is the intent of the general assembly that the board shall implement a plan of early release in an effort to assist in controlling the prison population and assuring prison space for the confinement of offenders whose release would be detrimental to the citizens of this state. The board shall report to the legislative fiscal bureau on a monthly basis concerning the implementation of this plan and the number of inmates paroled pursuant to this plan and the average length of stay of those paroled.

3.  At the time of a review conducted under this section, the board shall consider all pertinent information regarding the person, including the circumstances of the person's offense, any presentence report which is available, the previous social history and criminal record of the person, the person's conduct, work, and attitude in prison, and the reports of physical and mental examinations that have been made.

4.  A person while on parole or work release is under the supervision of the district department of correctional services of the district designated by the board of parole. The department of corrections shall prescribe rules for governing persons on parole or work release. The board may adopt other rules not inconsistent with the rules of the department of corrections as the board deems proper or necessary for the performance of its functions.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 232.55, 908.10, 908.10A

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