905.14  Fees for probation and parole.

1.  A person placed on probation or parole and subject to supervision by a district department shall be required to pay an enrollment fee to the district department to offset the costs of supervision. The fee shall be based on the offense class of the most serious offense for which the person has received probation or parole, including deferred judgments or deferred sentences, and shall be as follows:

a.  For a felony, one hundred fifty dollars.

b.  For an aggravated misdemeanor, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

c.  For a serious or simple misdemeanor, one hundred dollars.

2.  The fees established pursuant to this section shall not be waived by the sentencing court. Each district department shall retain fees collected for administrative and program services.

3.  The department of corrections may adopt rules for the administration of this section. If adopted, the rules shall include a provision for waiving the collection of fees for persons determined to be unable to pay.

Section History: Recent form

  97 Acts, ch 190, §7

Internal References

  Referred to in § 907.3, 907.7, 907.9

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