904.513  Assignment of OWI violators to treatment facilities.

1.  The department of corrections, in cooperation with the judicial district departments of correctional services, shall establish in each judicial district a continuum of programming for the supervision and treatment of offenders convicted of violating chapter 321J who are sentenced to the custody of the director. The continuum shall include a range of sanctioning options that include, but are not limited to, prisons and residential facilities. The department of corrections shall develop standardized assessment criteria for the assignment of offenders pursuant to this chapter. Assignment shall be for the purposes of risk management and substance abuse treatment and may include education or work programs when the offender is not participating in other program components. Assignment may also be made on the basis of the offender's treatment program performance, as a disciplinary measure, for medical needs, and for space availability at community residential facilities. If there is insufficient space at a community residential facility the court may order an offender to be released to the supervision of the judicial district department of correctional services or held in jail.

2.  Upon request by the director a county shall provide temporary confinement for offenders allegedly violating the conditions of assignment to a program under this chapter, if space is available in the county. The department shall negotiate a reimbursement rate with each county. The amount to be reimbursed shall be determined by multiplying the number of days a person is confined by the average daily cost of confining a person in the county facility as negotiated with the department. A county holding offenders in jail due to insufficient space in a community residential facility shall be reimbursed. Payment shall be made upon submission of a voucher executed by the sheriff and approved by the director.

3.  The department shall adopt rules for the implementation of this section. The rules shall include the requirement that the treatment programs established pursuant to this chapter meet the licensure standards of the division of substance abuse for the department of public health. The rules shall also include provisions for the funding of the program by means of self-contribution by the offenders, insurance reimbursement on behalf of offenders, or other forms of funding, program structure, criteria for the evaluation of offenders and programs, and all other issues the director shall deem appropriate.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 321J.2

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