904.201  Iowa medical and classification center.

1.  The Iowa medical and classification center at Oakdale shall be utilized as a forensic psychiatric hospital for persons displaying evidence of mental illness or psychosocial disorders and requiring diagnostic services or treatment in a security setting, as a security unit for persons requiring confinement in a security setting, and as a classification unit for the reception, orientation, and classification of inmates before placement in the most appropriate correctional institutions according to necessary security and custody arrangements and the assessed service needs of the inmates.

2.  The superintendent of the center shall secure the professional care and treatment of each person confined at the center and maintain a complete record on the condition of each person confined at the center.

3.  The forensic psychiatric hospital may admit the following persons:

a.  Residents transferred from an institution under the jurisdiction of the department of human services or the Iowa department of corrections.

b.  Persons committed by the courts as mentally incompetent to stand trial under section 812.4.

c.  Persons referred by the courts for psychosocial diagnosis and recommendations as part of the pretrial or presentence procedure or determination of mental competency to stand trial.

d.  Prisoners transferred from county and city jails for diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment for mental illness.

Other persons may be admitted providing the admissions are not inconsistent with law and are within the capacity of the facilities and staff to accommodate the persons.

4.  The classification unit shall admit inmates for purposes of orientation and classification before placement in the most appropriate correctional institutions.

5.  The director may house inmates from any correctional institution at the center in order to provide the inmates with suitable security or medical treatment, or both. Unless an inmate is determined to be mentally ill, the inmate shall not be subjected involuntarily to psychiatric treatment.

6.  All admissions to the forensic psychiatric hospital shall be by written application only. Application shall be made by the head of the state institution, agency, governmental body, or court requesting admission to the superintendent of the center. An application may be denied by the superintendent, with the approval of the director, if the admission will result in an overcrowded condition or if adequate staff or facilities are not available. The decision regarding admission and discharge of persons shall be made by the superintendent of the center, subject to approval of the director.

7.  When a person transferred to the center from any other state institution or admitted by request or order of any agency, governmental body, or court no longer requires special treatment in the security setting, the person may be returned to the source from which received. The state institution, agency, governmental body, or court that referred the person for hospitalization shall retain constructive jurisdiction over the person. Persons without legal encumbrances may be discharged directly from the center upon concurrence of the superintendent of the center and the head of the referring institution, agency, governmental body, or court. The support, commitment, and release statutes applicable to a person at the state institution from which transferred shall remain applicable while the person is at the center.

8.  Chapter 230 governs the determination of costs and charges for the care and treatment of persons with mental illness admitted to the forensic psychiatric hospital, except that charges for the care and treatment of any person transferred to the forensic psychiatric hospital from an adult correctional institution or from a state training school shall be paid entirely from state funds. Charges for all other persons at the forensic psychiatric hospital shall be billed to the respective counties at the same ratio as for patients at state mental health institutes under section 230.20.

Section History: Recent form

  85 Acts, ch 21, §29, 54

  CS85, § 246.201

  C93, § 904.201

  96 Acts, ch 1129, § 113

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