7I.5  Community empowerment area boards created.

1.  A community empowerment area shall be governed by a community empowerment area board. A majority of the members of a community board shall be citizens and elected officials and the remaining members may be employees of or paid for representing any of the entities listed in this subsection. At least one member shall be a service consumer or the parent of a service consumer. Terms of office of community board members shall be three years. The members of a community empowerment area board may include one or more representatives of any of the following entities:

a.  A school district.

b.  A county.

c.  A local board of health.

d.  A hospital.

e.  A charitable funding group.

f.  The department of human services.

g.  A religious institution.

h.  An area education agency.

i.  Juvenile court services.

j.  An area substance abuse agency.

k.  A community action program.

l.  A city.

m.  A business organization.

n.  A labor organization.

o.  A service club.

p.  A business.

q.  Consumers.

r.  A private community-based organization.

s.  A neighborhood association.

t.  A child day care resource and referral service.

u.  A library.

v.  Others as determined by the community board.

2.  A community board may designate representatives of service providers or public agency staff to provide technical assistance to the community board.

3.  A community board may designate a professional advisory council consisting of persons employed by or otherwise paid to represent an entity listed in subsection 1 or other provider of service.

4.  The community board shall elect a chairperson from among the members who are citizens, elected officials, or volunteers.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1206, §6, 20


  Initial community empowerment areas and boards; 98 Acts, ch 1206, §14

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