7I.3  Iowa empowerment board duties.

The Iowa board shall perform the following duties:

1.  Perform duties relating to community empowerment areas.

2.  Oversee the provision of grant funding and other moneys made available to community empowerment areas by combining all or portions of appropriations or other revenues as authorized by law.

3.  Develop advanced community empowerment area arrangements for those community empowerment areas which were formed in transition from an innovation zone or from a decategorization governance board or which otherwise provide evidence of extensive successful experience in managing services and funding with high levels of community support and input.

4.  Identify boards, commissions, committees, and other bodies in state government with overlapping and similar purposes which contribute to redundancy and fragmentation in education, health, and human services programs provided to the public. The board shall also make recommendations to the governor and general assembly as appropriate for increasing coordination between these bodies, for eliminating bureaucratic duplication, for consolidation where appropriate, and for integration of functions to achieve improved results.

5.  Assist with the linkage of child welfare and juvenile justice decategorization projects with community empowerment areas.

6.  Integrate the duties relating to innovation zones in the place of the innovation zone board created in section 8A.2, Code 1997, until the Iowa board determines the innovation zones have been replaced with community empowerment areas.

7.  Coordinate and respond to any requests from a community board relating to any of the following:

a.  Waiver of existing rules, federal regulation, or amendment of state law, or removal of other barriers.

b.  Pooling and redirecting of existing federal, state, or other public or private funds.

c.  Seeking of federal waivers.

d.  Consolidating community-level committees, planning groups, and other bodies with common memberships formed in response to state requirements.

In coordinating and responding to the requests, the Iowa board shall work with state agencies and submit proposals to the governor and general assembly as necessary to fulfill requests deemed appropriate by the Iowa board.

8.  Provide for maximum flexibility and creativity in the designation and administration of the responsibilities and authority of community empowerment areas.

9.  Adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A as necessary for the designation, governance, and oversight of community empowerment areas and the administration of this chapter. The Iowa board shall provide for community board input in the rules adoption process. The rules shall include but are not limited to the following:

a.  Performance indicators for community empowerment areas, community boards, and the services provided under the auspices of the community boards. The performance indicators shall be developed with input from community boards and shall build upon the core indicators of performance for the school ready grant program, as described in section 7I.7.

b.  Minimum standards to further the provision of equal access to services subject to the authority of community boards.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1206, §4, 20


  Duties related to community empowerment areas and board and school ready children grant program; submission of grant distribution funding formula; 98 Acts, ch 1206, §13; 98 Acts, ch 1223, §32

  Reallocation of appropriations and categorical program funding for specified programs to community empowerment areas; 98 Acts, ch 1206, § 17

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