717.2  Livestock neglect.

1.  A person who impounds or confines livestock, in any place, and does any of the following commits the offense of livestock neglect:

a.  Fails to provide livestock with care consistent with customary animal husbandry practices.

b.  Deprives livestock of necessary sustenance.

c.  Injures or destroys livestock by any means which causes pain or suffering in a manner inconsistent with customary animal husbandry practices.

2.  A person who commits the offense of livestock neglect is guilty of a simple misdemeanor. A person who intentionally commits the offense of livestock neglect which results in serious injury to or the death of livestock is guilty of a serious misdemeanor. However, a person shall not be guilty of more than one offense of livestock neglect punishable as a serious misdemeanor, when care or sustenance is not provided to multiple head of livestock during any period of uninterrupted neglect.

3.  This section does not apply to an institution, as defined in section 145B.1, or a research facility, as defined in section 162.2, provided that the institution or research facility performs functions within the scope of accepted practices and disciplines associated with the institution or research facility.

Section History: Early form

  [C51, § 2716; R60, § 4358; C73, § 4031, 4034; C97, § 4969, 4972; S13, § 4969; C24, 27, 31, 35, 39, § 13133, 13134; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, § 717.2, 717.3; C79, 81, § 717.2]

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1121, § 3; 87 Acts, ch 179, §1; 94 Acts, ch 1103, §9

Internal References

  Referred to in § 717.1A, 717.2A, 717.5

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