633.576  Notification of conservatorship powers.

In a proceeding for the appointment of a conservator, the proposed ward shall be given written notice which advises the proposed ward that if a conservator is appointed, the conservator may, without court approval, manage the proposed ward's principal, income, and investments, sue and defend any claim by or against the ward, sell and transfer personal property, and vote at corporate meetings. The notice shall also advise the proposed ward that, upon the court's approval, the conservator may invest the ward's funds, execute leases, make payments to or for the benefit of the ward, support the ward's legal dependents, compromise or settle any claim, and do any other thing that the court determines is in the ward's best interests. The notice shall clearly advise the proposed ward, in boldfaced type of a minimum size of ten points, of the right to counsel and the potential deprivation of the proposed ward's civil rights. In an involuntary conservatorship proceeding, the notice shall be served upon the proposed ward with the notice of the filing of the petition as provided in section 633.568.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 178, §14

Internal References

  Referred to in § 633.572, 633.591

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