610A.3  Penalties.

1.  If an action or appeal brought by an inmate or prisoner in state court is dismissed pursuant to section 610A.2, or, if brought in federal court, is dismissed under any of the principles enumerated in section 610A.2, the inmate shall be subject to the following penalties:

a.  The loss of some or all of the good conduct time credits acquired by the inmate or prisoner. Previous dismissals under section 610A.2 may be considered in determining the appropriate level of penalty.

b.  If the inmate or prisoner has no good conduct time credits to deduct, the order of the court or the disciplinary hearing may deduct up to fifty percent of the average balance of the inmate account under section 904.702 or of any prisoner account.

2.  The court may make an order deducting the credits or the credits may be deducted pursuant to a disciplinary hearing pursuant to chapter 903A at the facility at which the inmate is held.

Section History: Recent form

  95 Acts, ch 167, §3; 98 Acts, ch 1147, §5, 6

Internal References

  Referred to in § 903A.3

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