579A.2  Establishment of lien--priority.

1.  A custom cattle feedlot operator shall have a lien upon the cattle and the identifiable cash proceeds from the sale of the cattle for the amount of the contract price for the feed and care of the livestock at the custom cattle feedlot agreed upon by the custom cattle feedlot operator and the person who owns the cattle, which may be enforced as provided in section 579A.3.

2.  The lien is created at the time the cattle arrive at the custom cattle feedlot and continues for one year after the cattle have left the custom cattle feedlot. In order to preserve the lien, the custom cattle feedlot operator must, within twenty days after the cattle arrive at the custom cattle feedlot, file in the office of the secretary of state, a lien statement on a form prescribed by the secretary of state. The secretary of state shall charge a fee of not more than ten dollars for filing the statement. The secretary of state may adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A for the electronic filing of the statements. The statement must include all of the following:

a.  An estimate of the amount of feed and care provided to the cattle pursuant to the contract.

b.  The estimated duration of the period when the cattle are subject to feed and care at the custom cattle feedlot.

c.  The name of the party to the contract whose cattle are subject to feed and care at the custom cattle feedlot.

d.  The description of the location of the custom cattle feedlot, by county and township.

e.  The signature of the person filing the form.

3.  Except as provided in chapter 581, a lien created under this section until preserved and a lien preserved under this section is superior to and shall have priority over a conflicting lien or security interest in the cattle, including a lien that was perfected prior to the creation of the lien provided under this section.

Section History: Recent form

  95 Acts, ch 59, §3

Internal References

  Referred to in § 579A.3

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